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Volunteers Barby Perlberg & Kate Baser
One of the most amazing facts about an enormous undertaking like the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival is that it's produced by the Center for Southern Folklore with a full and part-time staff of only a half dozen people.  The secret is VOLUNTEERS.  Every year, dozens of Memphians and Mid-Southerners contribute their time and their energy to a variety of jobs - setting up vendor booths, serving dinners, keeping the trolley tracks clear, decorating Main Street with festive lighting and so on.  This volunteer spirit makes it a truly Memphis festival and represents all the good things about our region that the Center celebrates every day.
If you or your organization would like to be part of the special team of volunteers that produces the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival - Saturday and Sunday, August 31 and September 1, 2013 - you can download the Volunteer form and follow the directions to email, mail, fax, or drop it by the center.

We'll do our best to put Festival Volunteers into positions fitting their desired placement and overall abilities.

See you soon -- and Thanks!!

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