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This gallery contains images of items that Rev. Taylor used and produced. 
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ImageThe Taylor's home at 2386 Hunter in North Memphis was a warm and friendly place.  Friends would visit, ministers would review their sermons, children would take piano lessons, and Rev. Taylor would create documents about his community.

When recording the voices of Mrs. Hannah Turk and her daughter Verna Jones, Taylor described his home: 

          "We make records here.  We make pictures here.  We teach music here.  We even sleep here."

ImageThese photographs show how Taylor adapted his home as his workspace. The artifacts in this portion of the exhibit - the  equipment he used, the letters he received and books he wrote tell us about his daily life and work.

The inside of Rev. Taylor's house reveals that his home was also his production studio.  To the right of the doorway, Mrs. Taylor is talking on the telephone.  Look above her head and see lights Rev. Taylor used to provide proper illumination for his photographs.  This same room was also used to record people's voices in person and off the radio.Image

A friend sits on Mrs. Taylor's piano bench. (Mrs. Taylor taught young people to play contemporary and religious music.) Rev. Taylor used the proscenium in front of her to hang a backdrop for staging photographs.  Taylor also adapted different parts of his home so he could develop photographs, edit film, write scripts and screen movies - not to mention he also wrote sermons and poems!

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