Multimedia Archives

    Called by Michael Taft of the Library of Congress "One of the most extensive archives of Ethnographic materials in the country," the Center has amassed audio recordings, film and video footage television, historical and contemporary photographs, printed materials, and other artifacts that present mule traders and fife makers, folk artists and blues performers, salsa and soul musicians and much more.  One of the centerpeices of the Multimedia Archives is the work of Reverend L.O. Taylor, a Memphis minister who used photographs, films, audio recordings, and printed materials to tell the stories of his community over a span of 40 years.


    Revenues from the licensing of Archival materials and sale of prints, CDs, and DVDs helps the Center digitize our collections and insure the preservation of these priceless images, recordings, and other materials for future generations.


  For more information on our archives, contact Mark Hayden at

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