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In-Store Only

These Great Items Are Not Available for Purchase Online.  For Purchase, Please Visit Our Downtown Store in Memphis at 119 South Main Street, or Call Us at 901-525-3655

Old Daisy 18" x 29"

South Main Historic Art District
19" x 27"

The Art of Stephen Hudson covering 4 decades. Watercolor, Hydrostone castings and his current work with acrylic on board. These plus many more pieces of art created by Stephen are available in our downtown store.

Prices range from $75.00 to $100.00

Sparky's Fishing Camp 13" x 30"

Morning Star Baptist Church 13" x 30"

R.P. Funderburk

These specially-made Memphis-themed birdhouses crafted by

R.P. Funderburk are a perfect rest stop for birds as they grab some shelter during rainy weather and cool temperatures.

Jerry Lee / Elvis

H: 8" W: 9" L: 6" Weight: 1 lb.

Price: $45

Al Green

H: 12" W: 7" L: 7" Weight: 1.5 lb.

Price: $40


H: 7" W: 7" L: 7" Weight: 1 lb.

Price: $24

Elvis / Graceland

H: 8" W: 9" L: 6" Weight: 1 lb.

Price: $24

After working for many years as a carpenter doing home repairs and remodeling, my love of birds led me to build birdhouses from the rescued boards and objects found in my work remodeling buildings in the area.  I use pieces of tin roofs, barbed wire and sawmill slabs.  Then I add seedpods, twigs, vines and mosses. These birdhouses are designed to highlight the best features of their construction materials and are easy to maintain. They are beautiful enough to be displayed in your home and are sturdy enough to be used in the yard. I am a member of the Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild and I exhibit at select festivals, plant sales and farmers markets.  My birdhouses are in 47 states and eight foreign countries.  -- R. P. Funderburk

Lisa Lane

If nothing is new under the sun, the work of Lisa Lane probably comes close. An eclectic world of incitingly incorrigible images, uncanny color combinations, inverted viewpoints and skewed balances. A world populated with off-whimsical and folklife people and animals.


Lisa Lane's lavishly bejeweled and lushly surfaced brand of wall art, boldly and brightly painted on cut out half-inch birch wood, comes in an amazing array of "Happy chickens," "Fun Fish," "Perky Pies," "Sassy Signs," and other "species." Variously adorned with bits of glass, metal, shell, buttons, fabric, feathers, bottle caps, and who knows what else, then coated with her signature high gloss finish, these spunky originals come in color combos and styles galore, making it sometimes difficult to choose a favorite, but also assuring a selection to fit perfectly almost any décor scheme or placement

Spring Chicken 14x21 $145.00.jpg

Spring Chicken 14x21 $145

Sign 26x5.5 $145.jpg

Sign 26x5.5 $145

Angel Fish 14X10 $95.jpg

Puffer Fish 16X19 $95

16X19 Puffer Fish $95.00.jpg

Angel Fish 14X10 $95


The Day The Baptist Hospital was Imploded 16X20 framed signed by Fred Asbury  $55


Elvis 18X22  $50.00


New Zealand Gets The Blues At Beale Street Music  Fest 18X24 1991 $50.00


Memphis In May Salute Brazil 24X30 1998 $75.00


North Mississippi All Stars and Othar Turner $100.00 Hard Backing


Otis Redding  Soul News 13X18 poster $50

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