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    Memphis is a special place where music is not just played in the background but is an important part of our culture. It is a place where music, dance and song tells us who we are and enlightens visitors about our community.

    Over the Labor Day weekend, the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival has showcased artists whose music has helped define our region to the world. From urban blues and jazz, folk to gospel, soul to rockabilly, the line-ups continue to be diverse and varied.

    For folks who want to sample Memphis music past and present, this is the festival to attend. In 2013 over 30,000 people attended our festival which featured over 100 artists and groups. The audiences are diverse, multi-generational and part of an event which celebrates the cultural and musical roots of the Memphis/Mid-South region.

    Thanks to sponsorships and contributions from businesses and community agencies, it remains a free event in its 31st year.





R.L. Boyce
Zeke Johnson
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