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"Life is usually peaceful in Buford, Alabama—especially for Elba Rae Van Oaks. She teaches school, attends church, and typically leaves the drama to others. But when Elba Rae’s mother takes her last breath, Elba Rae must reunite with the only person in the world with whom she has absolutely nothing in common—her sister, Lila.
As Elba Rae busily prepares for her mother’s funeral, the last thing she has time to deal with is a sister who wants to butt into the otherwise orderly execution of making arrangements. But even though the two women have happily avoided each other for years, Lila’s already on her way. As Elba Rae begins placing calls, making lists, and deciding on musical selections, she has no idea that when Lila arrives, she will be as close to coming undone as Elba Rae has ever seen her.
Both women are about to find out what happens when avoidance is no longer an option, when ignoring their history is nearly impossible, and when death may be the least of their worries.
“Hastings shares the hilarious antics of a family of characters from rural Alabama … wonderful tales similar to the ones heard at family reunions …”
—Linda Harris, New 50 Magazine"

Back When Mary Alice was Still a Blonde

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