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Beale Street was the center of African-American culture in the 1960s. Rich in the vestiges of its antebellum beginnings in 1841, the street stood as remarkable testament of the resourcefulness and ingenuity of African-American craftsmen and the blossoming wealth of music genres coming out of that rich history.

It was a thriving area of African-American commerce and culture until the yellow fever epidemic hit in the 1870s, and later epidemics in the1890s.

The street rebounded and evolved through the decades from pool halls, gambling dens and houses of ill repute to legitimate businesses, shops, entertainment, theatres, professional offices, barbershops, beauty shops, restaurants and other flourishing enterprises. 

That collaboration has resulted in a fascinating and intriguing chronicle called, “Beale Street Unforgotten: A Business and Landmarks Directory and Gallery of the 1960s Beale Street Area.”

Beale Street Unforgotten By George Grant

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