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When people say, “Memphis blues ain’t what it used to be,” they haven’t heard the Daddy Mack Blues Band. All of its members at one time or another played in the Fieldstones, one of the most talked-about urban blues bands since the 1970s. Led by Mack Orr on lead guitar and vocals, this four-piece group is down-home and funky, and the best band around for cuttin’ loose on a Saturday night. Their raw approach to blues is something too often missing in contemporary blues. They have toured across the country, from Huntsville to Las Vegas, and played in Europe. From barbecue dives in Mississippi to Paris, France, Daddy Mack has “been there done that.” Daddy Mack is not only doing his part to keep the blues alive for the 21st Century, he’s not compromising what he thinks blues is supposed to be – fun, and with the right balance of showmanship and good music.


Playlist for Bluestone


Shade Tree Mechanic

Plain Man

It's Gonna Be A Good Day

Slim Jenkins Joint

Razor Blade

Stop Givin' My Love Away

Royal Shade Of Blues

A Real Good One

Stone Blues

That's Where It's At

Feliz Navidad



Daddy Mack Blues Band -- Bluestones

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