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ELVIS SAMPLER                   $73.00 value at $39.95        

  • Beale Street Saturday Night CD

Center produced CD featuring Memphis Music legend Joyce Cobb who performs selections she sang in the Center-produced travelling music show of the same name. The CD includes gospel to blues to rock and roll.

  • Photograph of Elvis Presley and Sam Phillips. Photograph from the Center’s Multimedia Archives of two guys who shook up the music world when Sam produced Elvis’ first records in Memphis at Sun Studios.
  • Print of Elvis surrounded by music legends. We selected this image of Elvis, created by Artist Betty Harper, who has developed a series of artwork on Elvis.
  • In the Beat of the Night  - book by Bob Ferguson. The newly-published book containing true stories and cool photographs of Elvis and his police buddies is a must for fans of the King.

Elvis Sampler

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