Fried Glass Onions--Memphis Meets The Beatles is a celebration of The Beatles and of the city that greatly inspired and influenced them. Most of these interpretations have a definitive, identifiable Memphis twist. Daddy Mack Orr's "Get Back" is a stripped-down, blues rendition. Bob Simon & Eddie Harrison's "Two Of Us" sounds like vintage Sam & Dave from the Stax Records era. Most of these versions are either R&B or soul infused, although funk treatments of "The One After 909" and "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" take the groove a little deeper. The Memphis All-Stars version of "Drive My Car" is absolutely unstoppable and demonstrates the undeniable potency of a four-piece soul band. These 14 tracks represent a diverse pool of contemporary Memphis talent offering fresh versions of Beatles songs that will not disappoint even the most discerning Beatles fan. At the same time, proponents of classic Memphis music will hear Beatles songs like never before and will delight in knowing that Memphis music is alive and well. All of this material was recorded and mixed between June 24 and November 24, 2004, specifically for this unique tribute CD.


Two Of Us                                                            Bob Simon

Get Back                                                             Daddy Mack Orr

Day Tripper                                                          Z-Da

Happiness Is A Warm Gun                                  Charlie Wood

Blackbird                                                            Jackie Johnson

You're Gonna Lose This Girl                                Bertram Brown

She Came In Through The Backroom Window    Matt Tutor

Drive My Car                                                       Memphis All Stars

Yer Blues                                                            The Beat Generation

Across The Universe                                          John Kilzer

The One After 909                                             Gusto

Old Brown Shoe                                                Dani

A Hard Day's Night                                            Lamar Sorrento, The Mod Saints

The Long And Winding Road                             Kevin Paige

Fried Glass Onions - Memphis Meets the Beatles Vol. 1