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Classic Beatles songs are rocked into the 21st Century by some of Memphis' best musicians. Opening with a catchy, fresh twist on "Love Me Do," this CD is the third in this very celebrated series. All twelve tracks are keepers and each one is performed by a different Memphis artist. Tim Simmons' instrumental rock version of "Eleanor Rigby" is unprecedented and displayes extraordinary guitar chops. Candice Ivory's "Eight Days A Week" is a must hear, must experience, must buy. For metal fans, Rabid Villain's "Don't Let Me Down" sounds like it must've been recorded in a downtown warehouse district, and The Twisted Ringos' "Helter Skelter," recorded at Sun Studio, is anything but Elvis--very hip. To be fair, "I'll Cry Instead" by David Brookings sounds like it could've been recorded at Sun and features Amy Lavere on upright bass, just like real good rockabilly should be...


  1. Love Me Do - Crazy & The Crutch

  2. I'll Cry Instead - David Brookings

  3. She Said She Said - Steve Selvidge

  4. Eight Days A Week - Candice Ivory

  5. Helter Skelter - The Twisted Ringos

  6. Don't Let Me Down - Rabid Villain

  7. Hey Bulldog  - Van Duren

  8. Eleanor Rigby - Tim Simmons

  9. Revolution 9 - Grunt

  10. Tomorrow Never Knows - FreeWorld

  11. The Word - Matt Isbell & Adam Levin

  12. When I Get Home - Ross Rice

Fried Glass Onions - Memphis Meets the Beatles Vol. 3

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