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While there has never been a band more influential than the Beatles, there is no other city more identified with American music than Memphis. The Beatles openly acknowledged their love of Memphis blues, soul and rockabilly. The musical revolution of 50s was unleashed in Memphis in the set the stage for the cultural and musical phenomenon of the Beatles. Fifty years later, their songs prove to be timeless. Fried Glass Onions Memphis Meets The Beatles began as a project imagining what might have happened if the band had recorded at the legendary Stax Records in 1966, as they were planning to do. Many of the songs heard on the first three Fried Glass Onions volumes have an identifiable Memphis twist; fans and critics of both Beatles and Memphis music were overjoyed! Volume 4 Memphis Loves The Beatles, representing the work of over 50 musicians, adds another eleven songs plus a remix of All You Need Is Love to this unique series. As Lennon and McCartney were unparalleled as writers of love songs, this CD delivers love songs exclusively with that Memphis feel.


1              Please Please Me                             Ross Rice


2              It's Only Love                                   Eddie Harrison & Debbie Jamison


3              I Will                                                 Deering & Down


4              Anytime at All                                   Vicki Loveland


5              If I Fell                                              Memphis All-Stars


6              Honey Pie                                        Nora Tucker


7              From Me to You                               Redd Velvet


8              Julia                                                 Harlan T. Bobo


9              She's a Woman                               Sir Charles Ponder


10           I Want You (She's so Heavy)             Ghost Town Blues Band


11           All My Loving                                    Eddie Dattel


12           All You Need Is Love                        Memphis Loves The Beatles

Fried Glass Onions - Memphis Meets the Beatles Vol.4

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