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Product Dimensions: 8”x10” photo in 11”x14” matte
Author/Artist: Center for Southern Folklore Archives

Hammie Nixon was born in 1908, in Brownsville, Tennessee. He began his music career performing with jug bands in the 1920s and is best known as a country blues harmonica player, but also played the kazoo, guitar and jug. He played with guitarist Sleepy John Estes for half a century and also recorded with Little Buddy Doyle, Lee Green, Charlie Pickett and Son Bonds. During the 1920s Nixon helped to pioneer the use of the harmonica as a rhythm instrument in a band setting, rather than a novelty solo instrument. After Estes died in 1979, Nixon played with the Beale Street Jug Band, also called the Memphis Beale Street Jug Band which also included Zula Van Hunt, David Evans, Bob Vinisky, and John Hunninen. Hammie Nixon died August 17, 1984.

Hammie Nixon

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