I willl never forget the many obstacles, trials, and tribulations I had to overcome in order to use my spiritual talent of singing that was given to me by God. Negative forces in many forms and from numerous directions challenged my strength, my faith, and my desire to follow my dream. These challenges and obstacles were always defeated by God because He loved me so, and carried me through the toughest time of my life. I give God the praise for allowing me to persevere against these odds. Under His wings, He gave direction, talent, and strength to others who, in turn, gave tremendous support to me in producing JESUS WILL NEVER FAIL. For this, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to ​the artists in the field of music, and to others who gave unrelenting support. -- Bertha Payne


Nobody Separate Me From My Lord

Jesus Will Never Fail

Got Jesus That's Enough

Precious Lord

I call Him Jesus

Be All Rright After While

No More Worries

Even Me featuring Tony Payne II

I Need You Lord featuring Tony Payne II

Jesus Knows featuring Tony Payne II


Jesus Will Never Fail -- Bertha Payne