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Songs & Stories from the American South. The New Agrarians are Kate Campbell, Tom Kimmel, and Pierce Pettis. The trio recorded their debut album at two different studios:  Basic tracks at Delta State University in Mississippi;  overdubs at True Tone Studio in Nashville.


1.  Shallow Water
2.  Goodbye Pontiac
3.  Wrought Iron Fences
4.  Legacy
5.  Borders
6.  Pick the Devil’s Pocket
7.  Look Away
8.  Natchez Trace
9.  Drive South (Poem)
10.  Woe to You, Rich Man
11.  Warm Springs
12.  Eulogy (Poem)
13.  Funeral Food
14.  Ride Across the River
15.  Godspeed

Kate Campbell - Introducing the New Agrarians

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