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Release Date: August 10, 2004

Sing Me Out is an all acoustic recording and includes new versions of “Older Angel,” “Jesus And Tomatoes,” “Signs Following,” “Funeral Food,” and more favorites.

Sing Me Out includes the previously unrecorded song “Would You Be A Parson.” The CD cover photo is by renowned Mississppi Delta photographer Maude Schuyler Clay.


1. Heart Of Hearts
2. Jesus And Tomatoes
3. Older Angel
4. Who Will Pray For Junior
5. Waiting For The Weather To Break
6. This Side Of Heaven
7. Ave Maria Grotto
8. In My Mother’s House
9. Would You Be A Parson
10. Signs Following
11. Delmus Jackson
12. Sing Me Out
13. Funeral Food

Kate Campbell - Sing Me Out

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