Original Release Date: April 5, 1994
Reissue Release Date: August 10, 2004

Songs From The Levee (reissue) is digitally re-mastered and contains five previously unreleased tracks, including an alternate take of “Like A Buffalo” and acoustic mixes of four other songs from the album.

The song “Bury Me In Bluegrass” was honored as “Farm Song Of The Year”. The CD cover artwork is by Carrol Cloar.


1. Mississippi And Me
2. Lanterns On The Levee
3. Wild Iris
4. Like A Buffalo
5. Locust Years
6. A Cotton Field Away
7. Jerusalem Inn
8. Trains Don’t Run From Nashville
9. South Of Everything
10. Bury Me In Bluegrass

Bonus Tracks:
11. Like A Buffalo (Alternate Take)
12. Lanterns On The Levee (Acoustic Mix)
13. A Cotton Field Away (Acoustic Mix)
14. Trains Don’t Run From Nashville (Acoustic Mix)
15. Bury Me In Bluegrass (Acoustic Mix)

Kate Campbell - Songs from the Levee