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MEMPHIS MUSIC SAMPLER             $50.00 value at $39.95

  • Beale Street Saturday Night

Center produced CD featuring Memphis Music legend Joyce Cobb who performs selections she sang in the Center-produced travelling music show of the same name. The CD includes gospel to blues to rock and roll.

  • Mose Vinson: Piano Man

CD produced by Jim Dickinson, Judy Peiser and Knox Phillips showcasing Memphis music legend, Mose Vinson performing blues, gospel and boogie woogie.

  • LIVE 1989 HIGHLIGHTS from Memphis Music & Heritage Festival. Produced with the support from Select-o-hits, this CD showcases outstanding performances for the 1989 Festival. Some of the performances include the legendary Memphis blues band, The Fieldstones, the fiddling sheriff from Carroll County, Mississippi Billy Mitchell with Red Adams, Carla and Rufus Thomas, The Spirit of Memphis and lots more.

Memphis Music Sampler

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