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Product Dimensions: 8”x10” photo in 11”x14” matte
Author/Artist: Center for Southern Folklore Archives

This classic photograph is a portrait of Robert Henry and Maurice "Fess" Hulbert's Band in the 1920's. Taken at Howard Yancey's Booking Agency which was located at 326 Beale Street. The copy on the portrait reads "Beale Street's Best comprised of 14 pieces, a pick of the best musicians in Memphis and Beale Street organized by Robert Henry (Seated on floor, left) and Maurice "Fess" Hulbert (Seated on floor, right)." During the Center for Southern Folklore’s research in the 1980's Trumpeter Otto Lee identified the musicians in the picture: Professor Alex Hunt, trombone; Kid Austin, piano; Blain Elliott, piano; Charlie Williamson, trumpet; Howard Yancey, trombone; Mr. Fitzgerald, clarinet; Tommy Lester, banjo; Mr. Parker, violin; Thomas Pinkston, violin; Willie Jackson, drums; Walter Cruze, saxophone; Mr. Godfrey, saxophone and clarinet; Booker Washington, drums; James Kirk, trumpet.

Mr. Yancy's Booking Agency

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