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Ace Cannon has brought his wonderful talent on the saxophone to this album of varied styles of tunes, along with his latest verson of his great hit "Tuff." The Cannon Explosion will give Ace Cannon fans a treat from the master himself. Also, blues and jazz fans will find several tunes especially for them. The Cannon Explosion erupts with the great sounds of the one and only Ace Cannon and his saxophone. This album is another great sound produced and mixed by Carl Griffin.


  1. This Dog Won't Hunt
  2. Can't Get No Lovin'
  3. Maybe It's Love
  4. Oh, Me! Oh, My!
  5. Midnight Blues
  6. Confusion
  7. Tuff (2000)
  8. Spinning Wheel
  9. Fat Lady Blues
  10. Jump Down, Baby

The Cannon Explosion by Ace Cannon

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