YESTERDAY’S MEMPHIS                   $66.00 value at $39.95

  • Goldsmith’s Department Store.

Opened in 1870 Goldsmith’s Department Store was a shopping mecca in downtown Memphis. Today, the Center for Southern Folklore is located in a portion of the original store. Folks from Memphis and across the Mid-South would always shop in the downtown Memphis Store. This photograph is in the front of Goldsmiths at 119 S. Main Street.

  • Businessmen in The Pinch.

The area called The Pinch in the north part of downtown Memphis was home to many new Americans and a large African American Community. This picture taken in front of Peiser Tailoring Shop was taking around 1913. From left to right: The tailor, the dairy man, the postman, the Italian Restaurant owner, and the Irish policeman.

  • Memphis Castles Book. Bob Ferguson’s second edition of his book, formerly called Homes and Stores of Prominent Memphians, contains images and information of 200 homes in Memphis.

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